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Russ Studios aims to focus on the vast beauty Australia has to offer, by utilizing Australian sourced materials including Diamonds, Opals, pearls, and many more. our growing range of stock also consists of lines of fine jewellery designed and made in Australia, including that created by the shop owner and Jeweller, Karen Russ

Based in Halls Gap, the popular Grampians destination, renown for its spectacular atmosphere, scenery, and friendly wildilfe, it seemed like the perfect place to establish the seconded retail store of Jeweller, Karen Russ, after the first outlet under the Russ name being opened in the rural town of St. Arnaud, 10 years prior. 

The aim of this new store was to design and create jewelley with prominent influence from natural Australia, in a way that utilises its resources and     

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102 Napier Street | St Arnaud Victoria 3478 | AUSTRALIA

​Free Call: 1300 723 102

GSM Shop: 03 5495 1739      Russ Studios: 0408 031 646

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